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Graduate Students

  • Hamid Akbari
    Hamidreza Akbari

    I am interested in the interface between material science and quantum optics. I am currently studying quantum behavior of defects in solids specially two dimensional materials such as hexagonal Boron Nitride.

    PhD Student, Atwater Group, Caltech

  • Siddharth Buddhiraju
    Siddharth Buddhiraju

    My interests span the fundamental limits of energy harvesting in both passive and active photonic structures and the role of non-reciprocal photonics in attaining such thermodynamic limits.

    PhD Student, Fan Group, Stanford

  • Chris Ciccarino
    Chris Ciccarino

    My research involves defects in wide band gap systems for novel emission properties useful for quantum devices and dynamics in 2D systems, including the role of defects, disorder and spin in understanding overall material behavior.

    PhD student, Narang Group, Harvard

  • Jenny Coulter
    Jenny Coulter

    Jenny studies computational materials physics, with a focus on first principles electron-phonon calculations for predictions of unusual transport and optical behavior in materials including Dirac and Weyl semimetals. 

    PhD student, Narang group, Harvard

  • Ethan Curling
    Ethan Curling

    I am interested in both the synthesis and characterization of highly efficient luminescent systems and pushing the limits of applications to explore unknown possibilities.

    PhD Student, Alivisatos Group, UC Berkeley

  • Minda Deng
    Minda Deng

    My research focuses on the fundamental material properties of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides. Particularly I am interested in how to use external controls including strain and electrostatic gating to tune the optical properties of the monolayers.

    PhD student, Heinz gp, Stanford

  • Jefferson Dixon
    Jefferson Dixon

    Jefferson is interested in dielectric metasurfaces to achieve nearly loss-less anomalous optical properties, including nonreciprocal optics at the nanoscale for optical computing and energy harvesting applications.

    PhD Student, Dionne Group, Stanford

  • Lingling Fan
    Lingling Fan

    Lingling’s research interest include thermal management via light matter interaction, from both fundamental physics and applications.

    PhD student, Fan Group, Stanford

  • Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia

    My research focuses on the evaluation of optical properties from first principles and the development of a computational framework to account for optical nonlinearities, with a current emphasis on Weyl semimetals.

    PhD Student, Narang Group, Harvard

  • Isaac Harris

    Graduate Student, Narang Group, Harvard

  • Fariah Hayee
    Fariah Hayee

    Fariah is focusing on quantum emitters in two-dimensional materials; combining electron microscopy with optical characterization techniques to establish correlation between structural attributes and spectral properties of these quantum emitters, with a goal to engineer them in a controlled spectral and spatial precision.

    PhD student, Dionne Group, Stanford

  • Jiho Hong
    Jiho Hong

    I am interested in building high-index semiconductor nanostructures to distinguish the intrinsic properties of light (e.g. wavelength, polarization) for application of ultrathin photodetectors with high efficiency.

    PhD Student, Brongersma Group, Stanford

  • Dipti Jasrasaria
    Dipti Jasrasaria

    My research focuses on phonon-mediated relaxation of excited electrons and holes in quantum dot systems. I am developing a method for non-adiabatic dynamics that uses a stochastic orbital approach, so I can study quantum dots of experimentally relevant size.

    PhD Student, Rabani Group, UC Berkeley

  • Ashish Kulkarni
    Ashish Kulkarni

    Fabrication of liquid crystal based complex birefringent metamaterials with tunable birefringence.  Aligning liquid crystal molecules within the pores of birefringent porous silicon host and tuning the amount of optical gain/loss to control the birefringence so two closely spaced polarizations can be separated orthogonally.

    PhD Student, Braun Group, UIUC

  • Yan Joe Lee
    Yan Joe Lee

    My research focuses on combining nanophotonic structures with 2D materials for tunable nanophotonic devices. I am currently studying the interaction and tunable coupling of plasmonic resonances with excitons in 2D semiconductors. 

    PhD Student, Brongersma Group, Stanford

  • Anudeep Mangu
    Anudeep Mangu

    Anudeep uses ultrafast pump-probe techniques to investigate dynamic optical investigations in materials. In particular, he is interested in using SNOM in a pump-probe scheme to look at the dynamics at high-spatial resolution of thin films.

    PhD Student, Lindenberg Group, Stanford

  • Aidan O'Beirne
    Aidan O'Beirne

    I am interested in the ultrafast charge carrier dynamics in layered 2D van der Waals heterostructures, most notably the transition metal dichalcogenides. 

    PhD Student, Heinz Group, Stanford

  • Christian Ocier
    Christian Ocier

    Christian is developing a new class of subsurface optics, including gradient index and geometric lenses, interference-based optical elements, and waveguides. Other interests include developing new nanocomposites with phase change properties and asymmetric optical or magnetic responses.

    PhD Student, Braun Group, UIUC

  • Zunaid Omair

    Graduate Student, Yablonovitch Group, UC Berkeley

  • Megan Phelan
    Megan Phelan

    Megan works on the design, fabrication and characterization of luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs).  LSCs show promising potential to challenge traditional photovoltaics by achieving high power conversion efficiencies while maintaining low manufacturing costs.

    PhD student, Atwater Group, Caltech

  • Maggie Potter
    Maggie Potter

    Maggie works on the design and fabrication of silicon solar microcells and integration of the microcells with unique devices; assembly into low-density arrays allows for application of the microcells into practical systems that benefit from transparency.

    PhD Student, Nuzzo Group, UIUC

  • Corey Richards
    Corey Richards

    Corey works on the engineering of subsurface materials properties to create a new class of geometric and gradient index optics and to tune ultra-low thermal conductivity materials.


    PhD student, Braun group, UIUC

  • Nicholas Rivera
    Nicholas Rivera

    Nicholas develops ab initio methods to elucidate the physics of ground and excited states in highly correlated electron-photon systems with applications in quantum optics and nanophotonics, with complimentary research on new polaritonic materials for realizing strong light-matter interactions with quantum emitters.

    PhD Student (MIT), Narang Group, Harvard

  • Rebecca Wai
    Rebecca Wai

    My research focuses on using cathodoluminescence (CL) microscopy to simultaneously correlate the morphology and light emission of various materials, while developing additional capabilities in CL lifetime imaging and CL imaging with low electron beam exposure. 

    PhD Student, Ginsberg Group, UC Berkeley

  • Derek Wang
    Derek Wang

    Derek is interested in the intersection between quantum chemistry and quantum optics, developing methods for predicting light-matter interactions ab initio.

    PhD student, Narang group, Harvard

  • Hannah Weaver
    Hannah Weaver

    I use ultrafast microscopy techniques to directly map how energy flows through disordered material landscapes with correlated measurements that capture structure and function simultaneously.

    PhD Student, Ginsberg Group, UC Berkeley

  • Cora Went
    Cora Went

    My research focuses on exploring two-dimensional materials, particularly the transition metal dichalcogenides, for applications to ultrathin, high-efficiency, and low-cost solar cells.

    PhD student, Atwater group, Caltech

  • Joeson Wong
    Joeson Wong

    Joeson is interested in the fundamental light-matter interactions and carrier transport in atomically-thin "2D" materials, particularly the layered transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g. MoS2, WSe2), in the context of energy harvesting. 

    PhD student, Atwater group, Caltech

  • Dajie Xie
    Dajie Xie

    Dajie studies switchable radiative control, employing thermally responsive materials including hydrogel chemistry, thermochromic materials to realize switching between heating and cooling states.  

    Ph.D. student, Braun gp, UIUC

  • Fenghao Xu

    I am interested in tunable nanophotonic devices with 2D transition metal dichalcogenides materials. Currently I am working on the interaction and tunability of Mie resonance with excitons in 2D semiconductors.

    PhD student, Brongersma gp, Stanford

  • Arky Yang

    Arky studies optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional organic inorganic hybrid lead halide perovskite – transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructure.

    PhD student, Atwater Group, Caltech

  • Colin Yule
    Colin Yule

    Colin is investigating the use of strain to manipulate excitons in two dimensional materials, primarily transition metal dichalcogenides, for the development of novel nanophotonic and optoelectronic devices. 

    Graduate Student, Brongersma Group, Stanford