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  Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy of Single Nanophosphors

Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy of Single Nanophosphors (July 2021)


Dayne Swearer, Stefan Fischer, Daniel Angell, Chris Siefe, A. Paul Alivisatos, Steven Chu, Jennifer Dionne (Stanford and UC Berkeley)  ACS Photonics (2021)



  Visualizing surface charge trapping in quantum dots

Visualizing surface charge trapping in quantum dots (February 2021)

Overview    Article

Burak Guzelturk, Benjamin Cotts, Dipti Jasrasaria, John Philbin, David Hanifi, Brent Koscher, Arunima Balan, Ethan Curling, Marc Zajac, Suji Park, Nuri Yazdani, Clara Nyby, Vladislav Kamysbayev, Stefan Fischer, Zach Nett, Xiaozhe Shen, Michael Kozina, Ming-Fu Lin, Alexander Reid, Stephen Weathersby, Richard Schaller, Vanessa Wood, Xijie Wang, Jennifer Dionne (Stanford), Dmitri Talapin, A. Paul Alivisatos (UC Berkeley), Alberto Salleo (Stanford), Eran Rabani (UC Berkeley) and Aaron Lindenberg (Stanford) Nature Communications (2021)


  High quality factor phase gradient metasurfaces

High-Q metasurfaces: Breaking the mold for slow light (October 2020)

Overview    Article

Mark Lawrence, David Barton III, Jefferson Dixon, Jung-Hwa Song, Jorik van de Groep, Mark Brongersma and Jennifer Dionne (Stanford)

Nature Nanotechnology (2020)


  Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of metal nanocrystals

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of metal nanocrystals (July 2020)

 Overview   Article

Burak Guzelturk, Aaron Lindenberg (Stanford), James Utterback (UC Berkeley) et al.

ACS Nano (2020)


  Nonreciprocal Thermal Radiation in Weyl Semimetals

Nonreciprocal Thermal Radiation in Weyl Semimetals (March 2020)

 Overview    Article

Bo Zhao*, Cheng Guo*, Shanhui Fan (Stanford) and Christina Garcia, Prineha Narang (Harvard)

Nano Letters (2020)


  Atomic-scale optical characterization of quantum materials

Atomic-scale optical characterization of quantum materials reveals unique classes of color centers (January 2020)

 Overview    Article

Fariah Hayee, Tony Heinz, Jennifer Dionne (Stanford) and Prineha Narang (Harvard)

Nature Materials (2020)


  Generating Light from Darkness

Generating Light from Darkness (January 2020)

Overview    Article

A. Raman, W. Li, and S. Fan (Stanford)

Joule (2019)


  A New Metal Transfer Process for van der Waals Contacts

Realizing Unpinned Metal-2D Semiconductor Interfaces (January 2020)

Overview    Article

C. Went, J. Wong, P. R.  Jahelka, M. Kelzenberg, S. Biswas, M. S. Hunt, A. Carbone, and H.A. Atwater (Caltech)

Science Advances (2020)


  Bright Infrared‐to‐Ultraviolet/Visible Upconversion in Small Alkaline Earth‐Based Nanoparticles with Biocompatible CaF2 Shells

High Efficiency Upconversion with Alkaline-Earth Host Lattices (January 2020)

 Overview   Article

S. Fischer, C. Siefe, D. Swearer, C. McLellan, and J. Dionne (Stanford) and A.P. Alivisatos (UC Berkeley)

Nano Letters (2019)


  Ultraefficient thermophotovoltaic power conversion by band-edge spectral filtering

A New Thermophotovotaic Efficiency Record (August 2019)


Z. Omair, G. Scranton, L. M. Pazos-Outon, T. P. Xiao, M. A. Steiner, V. Ganapati, P. F. Peterson, J. Holzrichter,  and E. Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley) and H. Atwater (Caltech)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2019)


  Small Alkaline-Earth-based Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Efficient Upconversion

Small and Highly Efficient Alkaline-Earth-based Core/Shell Upconverting Nanoparticles (UCNPs)  (August 2019)

OVERVIEW     Article

Stefan Fischer, Randy M. Mehlenbacher, Alice Lay, Chris Siefe,  Jennifer A. Dionne (Stanford) and A. Paul Alivisatos (UC Berkeley)

Nano Letters (2019)


  Redefining near-unity luminescence in quantum dots with photothermal threshold quantum yield

Redefining Near-Unity Luminescence in Quantum Dots with Photothermal Threshold Quantum Yield (April 2019)

Overview      Article

David Hanifi, Noah Bronstein, Brent Koscher, Zach Nett, Joseph Swabeck, Kaori Takano, Adam Schwartzberg, Lorenzo Maserati, Koen Vandewal, Yoeri van de Burgt, Alberto Salleo, A. Paul Alivisatos (Stanford and UC Berkeley)    Science (2019)